Comedy for a Cause - Supporting the PDs Through Laughter!

Last year we did this, everyone loved it, so we're running our comedy night again! Get your tickets early, and bring your friends. As a...

Pacific Dragons OC1/2/6 Regatta

Pacific Dragons will be holding the first OC1/2/6 regatta on the AOCRA calendar at Frenchmans Bay, La Perouse, on Sunday 22 October. Spring is here,...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 8 - Race Day Special

Day 8: Race Day. It's finally here. Race day. There is excitement in the air as everybody put on their special race tops! Everyone is ready. A...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 7

Day 7: rest day. Except it was action packed. For many of us, this was the only day dedicated to non-paddling activities, so we made the most of it!...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 6

Day 6: OC6 water changes, huli drill, discussions about the Na Pali course. Thankfully, today's exercises were a lot more light-weight! As the summary...