Pacific Dragons OC1/2/6 Regatta

Pacific Dragons will be holding the first OC1/2/6 regatta on the AOCRA calendar at Frenchmans Bay, La Perouse, on Sunday 22 October. Spring is here,...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 8 - Race Day Special

Day 8: Race Day. It's finally here. Race day. There is excitement in the air as everybody put on their special race tops! Everyone is ready. A...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 7

Day 7: rest day. Except it was action packed. For many of us, this was the only day dedicated to non-paddling activities, so we made the most of it!...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 6

Day 6: OC6 water changes, huli drill, discussions about the Na Pali course. Thankfully, today's exercises were a lot more light-weight! As the summary...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 5

Day 5: OC6/OC1. The first early-rise day since we've landed in Kauai! We had to get to the other side of the island (which was about 90 minutes of...