The Na Pali Diaries - Day 5

Day 5: OC6/OC1. The first early-rise day since we've landed in Kauai! We had to get to the other side of the island (which was about 90 minutes of...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 4

Day 4: OC1. Today's another day of OC1, my kind of OC! The more novice group had an awesome time doing some ins and outs from the picturesque Kukuiula...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 3

Day 3: OC1. This has got to be the photo of the day - me flying an ama. In fact I had so much fun, I fly my ama at will now. I'm not too surprised at...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 2

Day 2: OC Camp - OC6 Our first taste of paddling in Kauai came in the form of an OC6 lesson. Most of us will participate in a clinic/camp for the next...

The Na Pali Diaries - Day 1

Day 1: Into Hawaiian territory. The day started at 6:05am, when my plane landed at the Daniel K Inouye International Airport. But I wasn't to stay...