Imgaine yourself paddling a craft, in beautiful flat water, towards the sunrise. Now, clear that and re-imagine your craft riding wave after wave in big water conditions, and your adrenalin is pumping strong. Both of these are single craft paddling.

Single craft paddling can be done on a variety of craft, such as outrigger canoes, kayaks, surf skis, paddleboards, SUPs, C1s; at Pacific Dragons our paddlers own and use a variety of such crafts. The limit is only what you bring to a paddling session. The club owns a fleet of single and double outrigger canoes, and members are welcome to borrow them once they become familar with the water, and undergoing a training course.

Single craft races around Sydney and NSW run all year round, in both flat and open water conditions, and are predominently endurance in nature, with distances ranging from 5 to 25 kms. One of the annual highlights is the Bridge to Beach race, which starts under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and finishes at Manly.