Picture 20 paddlers attacking the water in an adrenalin-charged sprint race… this is dragon boat racing.
Picture 6 paddlers flying through the waves in an offshore endurance race… this is outrigger canoeing.
Picture 100 people coming together to enjoy the fun, fitness and competitive spirit associated with all paddling sports… this is Pacific Dragons!!!

We’re always keen for new members regardless of background, age or paddling experience. Whether your aim is to be a top class paddler competing at an international level or you’re simply out to try something new for fun and fitness there’s something for you.

Where do we train?

Located right next to the city, we get to train on the most beautiful harbour in the world!
Check out a map with our training locations.

When do we train?

October to May – The Australian dragon boat and outrigger seasons generally start during October and finish with the State and National titles around April/May each year.

June to September– Although many like to take a break during the off-season, we still run regular training sessions for those keen to maintain their fitness and for simply a bit of fun. These sessions are very social and it’s a great time for new paddlers to start.

Check our current training schedule for exact session times.

What do we do other than paddling?

With over a hundred members, there is no shortage of social events ranging from post-race celebrations to fundraising events and overseas end-of-season trips.

The quintessential PD social event is the theme party – there is simply no lengths we won’t go to get into a theme!

What if I paddle with another club?

Those who paddle with other clubs are more than welcome to join us to paddle in another code.
We unfortunately don’t have the capacity for you to only do another code for cross-training. As such in joining up you will need to participate in a racing capacity by getting involved in regattas throughout the season.

How to give it a try?

We’d love to have you come and try our sports! We welcome new paddlers to attend some of our sessions which provide a gentle entry into our sports.

Please contact our recruitment coordinator to find out more!