Apr-10 Dover Heights Huli Report

In Apr 2010 during an ocean training session the Nuwi hulied off Dover Heights. The canoe filled up with water and couldn't be emptied with the...

21/5 PD Fast Chicks - Wrap Up

Since our first report the PD Fast chicks have gone on to complete Part 2 & 3 of the program. This program has seen 20+ PD chicks embark on a...

Outrigging Update Apr-10

Catch up on all that's happening with OC in Apr/May! Final Regatta - Balmoral May 2 We’re still waiting on final details but the last race of...

PD OC Season Review... You're Invited!

Congrats to all those that have been part of what’s added up to a great OC season! From the Hawkesbury Classic and Cook Is through all the...

Improving Your Swimming Skills

For those wanting to improve their swimming skills there are some excellent stroke improvement courses around, often run through community colleges at...