Today we were treated with the beautiful summer weather by Oregon, and boy we made the most of it! A small group of us went from one hood to another hood. You heard right! From our hotel in Hood River to Mount Hood. Mount Hood is one of the most prominent mountains in the USA, and is the highest mountain in Oregon.

We drove up to a stunning vantage point, Trillium Lake, named after the trillium which flower all around the lake in spring. Here’s the view.

After that our group went to downtown Hood River, where other PDs had been tasting wine all over town (who knew this area is home to so much delicious wine, beer and cider?). We then traversed the town in small groups.

Everyone then gathered at the local brewery, the Ferment Brewing Company. The beers there were so delicious!


Those who are racing at the Gorge Downwind Championships are now rested and ready to go tomorrow! Stay tuned for updates on our practice days (Monday and Tuesday) and race days (potentially either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday).