Preparing to re-varnish your paddle
December 30, 2019

Preparing to re-varnish your paddle In this blog entry, we'll look at:Preparing your surfacePreparing your surfaceLet's revisit the image of our damaged wood paddle. As you can see,...

Varnish and maintenance
December 13, 2019

Preparing to re-varnish your paddle On this post, we'll be discussing:What is varnish?How to look after itWhat happens when you don'tWhat is varnish?Varnish is essentially clear paint....

Paddle Maintenance series
December 2, 2019

Preparing to re-varnish your paddle Do you love your paddle? At PDs, we do!In the upcoming weeks, we will be publishing a short series on how to maintain and restore your paddles. This...

Get outdoors this spring - join the Pacific Dragons!
October 18, 2019

Looks like spring is gradually losing its shyness - and we are back on the water in force!Perhaps you have resolved to get outdoors more this year? Or...

Day 5 and 6: OC1 training runs
July 17, 2019

Perhaps the paddling is best described by video! Here's a selection of footage taken from my GoPro on Day 1 of the practice runs.            ...