Pacific Dragons is a competitive club that paddles across three codes, however was initially established as a dragon boat club in 1993. Pacific Dragons was originally called the Dragonladies, started by some inspiring ladies who had been a part of the Australian Chinese Cultural Association club, but decided that they wanted to be more competitive (than what ACCA was back then) so created their own team. The club quickly expanded into a mixed paddling club, now affectionately known as the ‘PDs’ with the well recognised bright orange team colour. We are very proud to boast that 2 of the club’s founding members remain active club members today and in turn, never in their wildest dreams did they think that the PDs would be as successful as we have been and have remained so for 25+ years.

Now in its 30th year of paddling, the Pacific Dragons club has become the home to diverse people from all backgrounds and the world. We are now one of the largest groups of active paddlers in NSW with over 100 members who keep us true to our mission, which is “to be the best paddling club in Australia, through dedication, competition, good sportsmanship, club spirit and enjoyment of all paddling sports.”

You will find Pacific Dragons training in Sydney Australia, however the success of the club across many seasons has spanned the nation and the globe. May we continue to provide a rewarding and enjoyable environment for our members, and grow paddlers and networks into the future!