1/8 Macau 2010: Bringing home Gold on the River!!!

Day 6 (Saturday): 200m Women’s and 500m Mixed Today is the greatest day in history of PD dragon boat racing, and is something that I'm finding...

31/8 Macau 2010: A solid hand at the Turn

Fast and furious 200m - the day everyone looks forward to! The action is up close, the pain is only brief and the atmosphere is always electric. ...

30/7 Macau 2010: A sure thing on the Flop

Day 4 (Thursday): 2,000m Mixed and Men's There's nothing quite like the feeling you have waiting to be called up to the podium, hearing PD's being...

29/7 Macau 2010: First deal

With the races not starting until 2pm this afternoon, we had this morning off to explore the streets of Macau. Mich and I decided to continue our...

28/7 Shuffling the cards and posting the blinds

Day 1: Hong Kong Arrive at midnight and head straight across the road for dumplings, check Yum Cha lunch complete with 6 types of...