PD Outrigging - What's Improving

The advent of Google Docs has made collecting feedback a whole lot easier for the PD coaches. We hope it’s made providing that feedback easier...

PD Steerer Levels

All about PD steerer levels On the training sign-up page you’ll notice S1, S2 or S3 next to some people’s names. These refer to the PD...

PD Steerer Levels & Training

Outrigger steering is a great challenge and a great skill to have regardless of whether you ultimately want to become a race steerer or not. The...

Outrigging Update Feb-10

Catch up on all that's happening with OC in Feb! Your Kind of Outrigging Our ‘pre-season’ OC club meeting on Jan 18 took a slightly...

Injury Prevention Routine

Doing some key exercises to prevent injury during paddling is extremely important so your love of paddling can continue uninterrupted and you never...