For-40 Challenge

The For-40 Challenge

Can you paddle 400km in 40 days?

How it works
Paddle DB, OC or SC ie. any craft, any time, any where
Make a note of the kilometres paddled
Aim to cover a total of 400km in the 40 days from Jan 1 to Feb 9

So how far is 400km?
Picture yourself paddling to the OC1 Nats at Coffs Harbour, or to Victoria, or to Coonabarabran in search of a great inland sea and you’ll get the idea.

Roughly how many sessions a week would I need to do?
Here’s one way using the PD DB & OC sessions:
Tue OC – 14km (80min)
Wed DB – 8km (80min)
Thu OC – 14km (80min)
Sat Ocean Relay – 20km (120min)
Sun Coffee Run – 14km (80min)

ie. 70km or 7hr20min on the water each week

What else will I need to do?
Training = Work + Rest

Without the Rest you don’t get the training benefit. In fact your performance will decrease.

Increasing the paddling work you do via the For-40 Challenge means you therefore need to be prepared to increase your Rest. This may mean making other sacrifices to give yourself an extra hour’s sleep at night or extra down time on the weekend.

Having a well-balanced diet of good quality foods will also be important for recovery and ensuring your body has the best fuel possible at its disposal for the next session.

How will I keep track of kilometres?
We’ll have a GPS at most PD sessions to let you know how far you paddled. You can also go to Google Maps to measure the course you followed.

To see the kilometres mount up you can either track your own total or use the For-40 Weekly Survey.

Next Steps
1. Think about if you’re able to meet the paddling, recovery and nutritional targets of the For-40 Challenge and if it is appropriate for your paddling goals. Please feel free to discuss any thoughts with Linda or Billy

2. Click here to sign-up by Dec 31