I’m very proud to announce that this month’s active casual paddler of the month award goes to Kerry Davenport.

These are some of the reasons why.

Since Kerry turned her focus to OC training this season, we have seen her OC
paddling improve and as demonstrated in her recent time trials. It is obvious
to many that she has made real efforts to work on her fitness, her paddling and
particularly her steering. In fact, she’s taken to steering like a duck to water. She
set a personal goal of improving her steering skills and her focus on this is clearly
evident. She will jump at every opportunity in training and is very earnest and
humble as she keeps improving with every session under her belt. You can literally
see her brain ticking as she soaks up all the offered steering tips and hints like a

Kerry has been training solidly these past few months and in a couple of weeks’ time
when she heads off for the Takapuna race in NZ, she will see her training pay off
and achieve many “firsts”. It will be her first ever international OC race, her first ever
changes race and steering a part of it as well. It is easy to forget that this is Kerry’s
first season really focussing on OC.

Her enthusiasm, energy and passion is evident with everything she does and you
can’t help but get caught up in that energy whenever you are around her at training.

Not only is Kerry improving as a paddler and steerer, she has also come on board
the OC coaching team with gusto and already proven to be a very enthusiastic
leader, providing tremendous help with the novice courses and encouraging our
newer paddlers along.

Kerry is a true all rounder. She can and will do anything you ask….including driving
the trailer which has been a tremendous help for the club.

Congratulations Kerry! A well deserved Active Casual paddler of the month!