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What's Happening - Week Ending Oct 26

Festival of Single Craft Racing This Weekend Don’t forget this Saturday is the huge Lion Is...

What's Happening - Week Ending Oct 19

PDs shine at the downlightwind Hoe Horo On Sunday Mark and Lisa followed in Tara’s...

9/10 My First Downwind Race, My First Openwater Race

I've been paddling outrigger for 4 years now & decided that it was time to do some OC1 racing. You can find out more about the Hoe Horo series on...

Single Craft Training Session Info

Here you will find info on what you will get out of the sessions, what you'll need to bring and fitness/skill level required. Important Info for...

PWEP - People, Weather, Equipment, Plan

 Just like putting on a seatbelt, we always PWEP before each and every session whether we think we’ll need it or not. Here’s how. ...