Here you will find info on what you will get out of the sessions, what you’ll need to bring and fitness/skill level required.

Important Info for Kirribilli Club Canoe Users

Where there are regularly more people than canoes two things will happen:
– different people each week will be asked skip the session. If it is your turn for the week you will be told the day before; and
– if you need to pull out the day before the session you must phone the Session Coordinator on the Training Schedule webpage. Do not just take your name off the sign-up page. This will help ensure someone else can use the canoe.

Session Options

See Contact Us > Training Locations for exact location details.
Sessions are generally 70-90min long unless otherwise specified.
Sign up for all sessions on the Training Schedule web page.

Base Club – Click here for info.

What You Need to Bring

Single Craft – Skis and OC1s catered for. Club OC1s/OC2 are available for all sessions to Level 1 and 2 single craft paddlers. Login and go to Member > Member List to find your level. See Billy if you would like to do the Intro Course required to become a Level 1 single craft paddler.

PFD – These are to be worn or carried at all sessions. If you don’t have one or forget it unfortunately you cannot join the session.

Leg Rope – This to be worn at all ocean sessions. If you don’t have one or forget it unfortunately you cannot join the session.

Lights – These must give your canoe full 360 degree visibility and are required at all sessions involving paddling before/after dawn or dusk. If you are unsure if this involves your session click here. Sessions that start before the CTS time or finishes after CTE time require lights. If you don’t have these or forget them unfortunately you cannot join the session.

Safety Equipment – See the PWEP the article for a description of other recommended safety equipment.

Fitness/Skill Level Required

To do the closed water sessions at Kirribilli or Rozelle Beach you need to have your own canoe or have done the PD Single Craft Intro Course if using the club canoes. Email Todd if you would like to do this.

To do ocean sessions from Balmoral or Watsons Bay you need to be a confident flatwater paddler.

Fitness required for all sessions is that equivalent to doing the Glebe mid-week DB or OC6 sessions.

Tag Along Sessions

If you’re heading out for a single craft session just send an email to PDsingle to see if others would like to join in. As these are not PD sessions the responsibility for safety rests with all those attending including you if you decide to go. As always PWEP is highly recommended.