OC News

7/1 Paddling news from our asian correspondent

News from our Asian Paddling correspondent Liz Mifsud (former PD) who is now paddling for Hong Kong Outrigger Canoe Club. It has been a big year...

5/11 Hawkesbury Wrap-up

PDs now have a few more names against a record on the Hawkesbury list... Geoff Eldridge and I joined Claire Tingey, Sandra Simms, James Fuda and Shaz...

23/8 Advanced Steering Session

Race steering and Open water steering skills session for level S2 or S3 steerers to be held on Saturday 29 September. Jane Hall from Pittwater...

Outrigger Canoeing September 2007 Goals

All those not having steered before trying their hand at steering warm-ups and warm-downs under instruction from level 2/3 steerers Special sessions...

1/11 Pacific Dragons are off to Tahiti

For the SECOND year in a row PDs are sending club crews out to the South Pacific islands to the next big events on the international race calendar. ...