A fantastic race for the PD’s. We pulled some top results in all categories, especially the mixed where we raced even crews again. Well done to all who attended!

A few words from the coaches:

Top work at the weekend everyone… another excellent days racing and the perfect preparation for a big finish to the season!

  • Womens – excellent racing, built on every race during the day to pull out 3 very good races and learnt a lot about how hard you have to paddle to nail the start, find the catch in a race and too fight for the finish line. The team is really starting to live up to their potential, but know that it wont be smooth sailing and that collectively we will have to work really really hard to keep our nose in front in NSW and even hard to get it in the front when we take it to the Nationals.
  • Mixed Black – probably suffered a tougher draw than the Orange Crew, but raced very well, found their stride in the second heat, learning from the first heat and breaking the stroke down better and taking the time to smash that catch & get the body forward & deep to the catch. They took out the Mixed B final in style & enjoyed a very close race to the line.
  • Mixed Orange – set up the stroke & catch very well all day to qualify in the middle lanes for the final, lined up against some tough competition from Mavs A & Sloths A, edging Mavs out for 2nd to a mighty finish from the Sloths A side
  • Opens – a very solid days racing for the boys, much credit to our new paddlers who are stepping up to race against the best in the business and holding their own. The boys fought hard in [both] finals to take 2nd in the rerun, with an excellent start and held the lead for a good part of the race. Sloths took out the final in a fitting finish to the day, we were pleased with our own performance, but also happy to see that the rerun allowed the right outcome to be achieved without the carnage of the first run.

Congratulations to Kath who paddled (and won) her first race at the weekend… we are glad she didn’t decide to retire undefeated!

Thanks to Nic for her hard work, Sarah for feeding us (repeatedly), Charlotte for helping her, Dan for transporting the stuff, Leesa for organising the accommodation, Rach for the scones & Gatorade and everyone else who helped make it a great weekend away!

PD Results:

Place Club Time
Premier Womens
1st PD’s 1:49:81
2nd Sloths 1:51:06
3rd DSA – yellow 1:54:11
4th Nth Beaches 1:54:41
5th Bei Loon 1:54:51
6th CYL 1:56:73
Premier Mixed B
1st PD’s – black 1:48:59
2nd CYL 1:49:22
3rd Bei Loon – A 1:49:33
4th Tsunami 1:49:44
5th UTS SDB – blue 1:50:24
6th Sloths – B 1:50:25
Premier Mixed A
1st Sloths – A 1:45:54
2nd PD’s – orange 1:46:98
3rd DSA –yellow 1:47:23
4th Mavericks – A 1:47:43
5th City Dragons 1:47:59
6th VADB 1:47:90
Premier Opens
1st Sloths 1:41:23
2nd PD’s 1:41:90
3rd UTS SDB 1:42:32
4th City Dragons 1:42:66
5th VADB – black 1:42:93
6th Bei Loon DQ
Full Results: Race090110-WyongDBResults.doc (227KB)