SC: 2008 Australia Day Cockatoo Cupcake Cup

Rodd Point, Drummoyne
28 January 2008

Full Results: 20080128 Cockatoo Cup Results.xls

(The PDs would all like to give a HUGE thanks to Big Dave and the Cockatoo Cup Committee for organising this fabulous event. There was record participation and this has become one of the most looked-forward-to and enjoyable events on the PD calendar. Well done!!)

Race Report by Big Dave:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Annual Australia Day Weekend Cockatoo Cupcake Cup.

The CCC Committee had a great day and having so many people racing, helping, cheering and entering the BAKEOFF made it well worth the effort.

An attempt has been made to adjust the results using a very complicated statistical analysis to predict what the times could have been like if the conditions had of been perfect !!

Not a perfect analysis in all cases but an interesting guide all the same.

Congratulations again to all the winners:


BEST DRESSED (or should we say ”best undressed”) – Zeus & Gordy
BAKEOFF– Kitty Kat

And congratulations to the new course record holders:


  1. Zeus and Gordy the 12.1km mens TC2 record
  2. Brendan Murnane the 12.1km mens KAYAK record
  3. Julie Stanton (from Blue Earth) the 12.1km womens SKI record
  4. The Professor and Steve Dawes the 12.1km mens OC2 record


  1. David Keast the 7.4km mens KAYAK record
  2. Nicola Frowen and Rebecca Bose the 7.4km womens OC2 record

And don’t forget to check out the photos.

We hope to see you all back again next year.

Thanks again,

The CCC Committee

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