AusDBF National Titles

April 2007


Pacific Dragons -1st, Mixed 1000m
Pacific Dragons – 2nd, Women 1000m
Pacific Dragons -1st, Open 1000m
Pacific Dragons -1st, Mixed 500m
Pacific Dragons -2nd, Women 500m
Pacific Dragons -1st, Open 500m
Pacific Dragons -1st, Mixed 200m
Pacific Dragons -3rd, Women 200m
Pacific Dragons -1st, Open 200m

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Race Report

by Julia Ryall


Mens Crew – First Crew in Australia for Break the 4min mark over 1000m! The Roger Bannisters of the Paddling World!

Mixed Crew – Taking the 1000m by over 3 seconds (thats over a boat length!), 500m by over 2 seconds and the 200m by over 1 sec – who would have thought there was time to find more than a second over 200m!

Womens Crew – Every race saw awesome times recorded. Full credit must go to the BRD chicks who were just awesome competitors over each and every distance. They pushed womens racing to new heights over the course of the weekend, stay tuned for some very exciting times to come in this category!

Penang – We have qualified in each category to respresent Australia at the 2008 World Club Crew Championships in Penang! Stay tuned for more details – but keep the 1 to 3 August 2008 free!

All crews – A medal tally of 6 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze!!! I believe that this must be the most successful weekend of racing for the PD’s ever (feel free to correct me if I am wrong!)

Big Congratulations to the BRD (with 3 Gold, 1 Silver); Sloths (with 4 Silver and 5 Bronze); Melbourne Flames (with 2 silver and 3 Bronze) and VADB (for their well deserved and well celebrated Bronze).

And to all of the other NSW crews who did their state proud and helped take out the State Points Score Trophy by heaps and heaps of points!
A huge thank you to every single PD who made this season so successful and so special – whether it be racing, training, steering, organising or just being there in spirit. It takes an awesome club to acheive results like these.

Gav, Juls & Christian.