“If you have to choose between two tasks, always
choose the more difficult one”

Current Occupation:

Mechanical Plumber

Dream Job: B&B, Pub or Bistro owner without money trouble and a lot of time to travel
Passions: paddling, cooking, red wine, travel, outdoors, having fun and
a good time
Ambitions: going to Canada with PDs, improving OC1 times and technique in open water, spending more time with “Non-paddling-friends”, keeping the “boss” happy
Claim to Fame/Infamy: Nearly managed to burn down a block of units while conducting important fire related tests as a four year old

Favourite Stuff  
Food: Pasta, Thai food, Ice cream, Tiramisu ( ah well, basically everything sweet), dark bread, smoked meat
Drinks: Australian red wine, New Zealand white wine, German Schnapps and beer
Movies/Books/Music: the old James Bond Movies, Faulty Towers, Jeffery Deaver, James Patterson, no specific music taste, more guided by mode
and mind set:60ies, Die Aerzte, Rammstein, 80ies, Classic and some of the chart stuff, but don’t ask me for names…
Super Hero or Villian: James Bond, at first, when I was young, because of all the gadgets and the happy endings, later, well… just look at those Bond girls….


PDs Stuff

PD Member Since: May 2004
How I Got Into Paddling: laughing at Annett coming home in pain from dragon boat training (never challenge your better half!!)
Favourite PD Moment: Already too many to count, but finishing the 16 km race in Hamilton with the men’s crew, being chosen to receive the medals at the Nationals in Canberra with Annett and becoming Clubbie of the Season were something special
Three words to describe PDs: My Family away from home (I’m not really good with counting words…)
Favourite PD Photo Gallery Pic:

Other Stuff

Role Models, Heroes & Heroines: My parents, disabled athletes, people who succeed through hard work, determination and still manage to stay level headed and in touch with mother earth
When not paddling most likely to be found: Eating, working around the house and relaxing in the spa

Three people you’d like to invite to dinner:

Scenario one: Jamie Oliver (to do the cooking), Billy Connolly, Sean Connery and John Cleese ( I know that’s four, but one guy is in the kitchen…).
Scenario two: Helmut Schmidt, Richard von Weizsaecker and Guenther Jauch
Superstitions (Paddling or Otherwise): Never pack the oxy set away before everything is tested and ok, always touch the hull and saying hello to my canoe before a race or training session and thank you on the return