(aka Al, Rudski, Ruds, Ruddy, Kevin)
“It’s not mine but I do like hearing ‘paddles out’ at training”


(aka… Al, Rudski, Ruds, Ruddy, Kevin)

“It’s not mine but I do like hearing ‘paddles out’ at training”


Current Occupation:
IT Analyst
Dream Job: Resort Owner or Chef
Passions: My Family, Rugby League, live music, history
Ambitions: To Referee a League State of Origin and to continue to beat Todd by a metre in the erg trials
Claim to Fame/Infamy:
Worst run of boat race results in paddling after party history or knocking back a dinner offer from Nathalie Bassingthwaite when I saw her at Homebake…or maybe it was the other way around

Favourite Stuff  
Food: Fairly simple and I’ll eat anything but if it was my last meal id love a nice juicy steak with some sort of potato side dish
Drinks: Icy cold beer and the lemon jenever Anouks mum makes
Movies/Books/Music: Movies : Blues Brothers, The Pursuit of Happyness, Shawshank Redemption. Books : History Texts, Gates of Fire, Cricketing Biographies. Music : Metal, with Metallica, Alice in Chains and Iron Maiden being personal favourites.
Super Hero or Villian: Hellboy
www.wikipedia.org, www.userfriendly.org (my inner nerd needs feeding from time to time)

PDs Stuff
PD Member Since: Nov 2005
How I Got Into Paddling: Through work, we had a corporate team and over dinner after the corporate games with someone from PD’s, City Dragons and Sloths I thought PD’s sounded the most enjoyable
Favourite PD Moment: 2007 Nationals or getting out of the canoe after the Hawkesbury classic
Three words to describe PDs: Entertaining, Committed, Friendly
How Other PDs Describe Allen: Cheeky, vocal, team player, attentive, sociable, witty, doesn’t like to lose, loud, funny, determined, The 1m Man, Powerhouse, Big Daddy, VERY rough diamond, big, strong and clearly has great genes & a too cute, heart breaker in the making, 5 month old. Loud engine room, loving father, big, likes to win
Favourite PD Photo Gallery Pic:

Other Stuff
Role Models, Heroes & Heroines: Steve Menzies, Steve Waugh, Anouk
When not paddling most likely to be found: On the couch, on a football field, at a concert or entertaining Samuel
Three people you’d like to invite to dinner:
James Hetfield, Don Bradman, Napoleon Bonaparte
Superstitions (Paddling or Otherwise): Must kiss the head of the dragon and rub it 3 times before a race and then splash water on my seat