Day 6: OC6 water changes, huli drill, discussions about the Na Pali course.

Thankfully, today’s exercises were a lot more light-weight! As the summary mentioned, we practiced some huli (capsize) drills (which I hope we never have to do this in a race, because we’ve been promised some big conditions!) and some OC6 changes. This was definitely a useful portion of the clinic, because we hadn’t practiced water changes up to this point (err, because it’s winter in Sydney and it was like 6 degrees on some mornings), and a few niggles needed to be ironed out.

We also had a visit and a Q&A session by one of Team NEC’s team paddlers.

I shouldn’t forget to mention though, the non-racing members of the clan (Kirsty, who had a damaged shoulder, Paulie, felled by sickness on the eve of our departure, and Lisa, who is mainly here for the camp and the sun) managed to take OC1s out for another spin. So all had a bit of exercising and fun.

Our evening was spent at the pool… some logistics about the race were discussed, but otherwise just beers and a merry old time!