Day 5: OC6/OC1.

The first early-rise day since we’ve landed in Kauai! We had to get to the other side of the island (which was about 90 minutes of driving) by 7:30am. My batteries were still pretty flat after yesterday’s down-winder, so I was quite pleased to hear that the land training portion of our camp got cancelled 😀 The other reason was that I had not listened to instructions, and forgot to pack shoes. 😛

Today’s main event was a talk from Noe Sawyer, veteran and winner of countless high-profile races in OC1 and OC6 in Hawaii. Here’s an article featuring Noe, and also Kawika who led our first OC1 session.

Noe’s talk was quite inspiring as her challenges somewhat resonated with our own – having to train around family and social commitments, and work. So if she could do it and become a champion, then so could we.

The next portion was split between OC1 and OC6. Some went for another OC1 downwinder, but the smart money (me) went for some OC6 surf riding, and even smarter money (e.g. Cathy Panetta) just rested. Can’t seem to find any Garmin/Strava stats uploaded by anyone, but we went out for just over an hour, and I was exhausted to the point of tea-bagging by about half way… I had no co-operation from any muscle between my lats and the paddle 🙁

But not to end today’s diary entry on a low note, here’s today’s photo of the day – Nic and the spectacular Waimea Canyon. Nic and some of the girls checked out the canyon, whereas I naturally went back to our condo and had an afternoon nap. Not before sneaking in a delicious Hawaiian Japanese fish taco though. Ahi (Hawaiian for tuna) lightly seared in a light mayonnaise, with a dusting of nori and sesame. Rice, beans, salsa and salad… tacos can’t be without those!