Day 3: OC1.

This has got to be the photo of the day – me flying an ama. In fact I had so much fun, I fly my ama at will now. I’m not too surprised at myself, that’s the kind of thing I do. It’s like riding rails and boxes when I’m snowboarding.

But back to what WE all did. Our camp day was all about OC1, with our more novice group spending decent time working on their technique, and also had some fun learning to catch waves. Our group (also known as the PD Ama Flyers), worked on wwweloping a strong use of our core, and then spent more time catching waves. As usual, when I do a good session, I forget to bring my Garmin GPS. But I reckon I went over 20kmh pretty easily, on one of my many runners.

Oh and then the ama flying.

Our day finished with more funset sunsets (beer, snacks, free awesome music by other sunset watchers, by a roadside), and then a delicious Japanese/Hawaiian dinner at a local establishment, the Dolphin Sushi & Fish Market in Koloa.