La Patada Single Crafta Rego Closes Tuesday
This is a great weekend at Port Stephens designed to kick start your 2008/09 Single Craft Season! The aim is to wwwelop and/or refresh your ocean and racing skills as well as get to know other PD single crafters. Click here for more info and to sign up.

Your goal for this week is to set your goal…
Thanks to those who have already submitted goals. I’ll be getting back to you shortly to help come up with a plan to achieve them. For everyone else make it your aim to have a goal shortlist by the end of this week. It will only take 5 minutes of thinking time. See below for goal ideas.

Hoe Horo Race 1 Postponed to Sep 14
This was due to some big winds and seas. For details on next weeks race click here.

Training Sessions
We’re still trying to sort out with AOCRA what qualifications someone needs to be able to run single craft sessions and ensure everyone has the appropriate insurance coverage. So unfortunately no formal single craft session again this week.

Introductory OC1 Course
For those wanting to try OC1 paddling for the first time I will announce some dates soon. This also relies on the insurance issue being resolved as well as confirming what needs to be covered in the course. If you’d like to register your interest in doing the course please email Billy.

Use of Club OC1s/OC2
Currently there is some uncertainty as to under what circumstances club canoes can or can’t be used. We’re trying to sort this out but in the mean time just see Billy if you’d like to use them.