Viva La Patada!
Under glorious sunny skies twenty PDs took their ocean and racing skills to new heights on the weekend. A full report to come from Rocedes Shannon, Taco Shell Hone and Lupe Fiasco Hall.

Either before, during or after, nearly all twenty participants contributed to the running of the event. A big thank you and a great team effort by all!

First Hoe Horo Downwinder
I’m not aware of an PDs doing this race but if they did please login and tell us all about it by going to the Member > Submit News menus.

Ocean Session This Sunday
Building on La Patada, this Sunday will see our first official single craft ocean training session for the season take to the water. This is subject to insurance getting sorted so stay tuned to PDsingle for more info.


What should I be doing?
Here’s some things to think about in this week’s sessions…

Free Speed – Remember free speed = going faster for no more effort… or going the same speed for less effort so you can go further… or… you know what I mean.

Unless you’re a zen master, concentrating on nothing but good technique for more than a minute is pretty much impossible. Anyone who is able to do it this week send Billy an email describing how and you’re up for a top paddling prize.

For everyone else try this. During your L2 training sessions every 10mins do 30secs of your most magnificent focussed technique. What’s more do it at max speed ie. make your craft go as fast as you can in 30secs. For OC1s that’s about two huts, for skis 25 double strokes.

Base Building – This week you’re adding 15 minutes to the longest Level 2 session you did last week.

Tag Along Sessions
While we’re still working on being able to legally run club sessions some PDs have kindly put out the following sessions for you to join in with. As these are not PD sessions the responsibility for safety rests with all those attending including you if you decide to go. Please contact the person below in advance to ensure they’re still going out on the day.

  • Tue and Thu 5:30am, Sat 7:45am Time Trial, Rose Bay (Suzy K)
  • Tue 5:45am, Balmoral, Paddle/Hill Run, Balmoral (Clairedy)
  • Wed 5:45am, Ocean Paddle, Balmoral (Billy)
  • Thu 5:45am, Balmoral (Linda)
  • Fri 5:45am, Kirribilli (Neil/Susie)
  • Sat 6.30am, Ocean Paddle, Shelley Beach, Manly (Linda)

If you can add other sessions to the list please email Billy.