PDs in First Hoe Horo Downwind Race
Congrats to Steph, Clairedy and Tara who all took on the first Hoe Horo downwind race on Sep 29. As Tara put it, it was a ‘take yourself beyond the comfort zone’ moment. Look out for her race report this week.

Hoe Horo 3 – Palm Beach to Long Reef/Mona Vale
This Sunday sees the next downwind Hoe Horo race.

There are now two options: Palm Beach to Mona Vale (13km) or Palm Beach to Long Reef (20km ). Check out the PD Calendar for all the details.

Given the car shuffling logistics involved, you can connect with other PDs intending to do the race by going to the Training Schedule web page. Sign up for the race just as you do for training sessions. This will also allow me to contact you in the event of a last minute change to the course.


What should I be doing?
Base Building – Once again you’re adding a further 15mins to your longest Level 2 session. You should find the last part of this session pretty tough as you grind out those extra miles. If you are that’s good news because you’re building base. If you’re not you’re probably just maintaining base. If you want to build it then you need to add more than 15mins to last week’s session.

Free Speed – Everyone wants to go faster for less effort so keep working on it in the warmup to every session and race.

PD single craft training sessions are up and running!
Thanks go to the efforts of Christian in helping sorting out insurance requirements and to Linda and Gav for taking on overseeing coaching roles until I get the qualifications.

You’ve now got three great sessions to choose from. Together they cover everything you want to be working on at this stage of the season.

See below for info on these sessions and click on the Training Schedule web page to sign up.

Those looking for more time on the water can supplement these with one or more of the tag-along sessions below.

Tag Along Sessions
Some PDs have kindly put out the following sessions for you to join in with. As these are not PD sessions the responsibility for safety rests with all those attending including you if you decide to go. Please contact the person below in advance to ensure they’re still going out on the day.

  • Tue and Thu 5:30am, Sat 7:45am Time Trial, Rose Bay (Suzy K)
  • Tue 5:45am, Balmoral, Paddle/Hill Run, Balmoral (Clairedy)
  • Wed 5:45am, Ocean Paddle, Balmoral (Billy)
  • Thu 5:45am, Balmoral (Linda)
  • Fri 5:45am, Kirribilli (Neil/Susie)
  • Sat 6.30am, Ocean Paddle, Shelley Beach, Manly (Linda)

Any changes or additions to the above list please email Billy.