November 9 Big Race Time
What a choice! This Sunday sees two of the longest downwind races for the season. If Huey the Weather God does the right thing they will also be two of the most fun. The Ocean Series Narrabeen Challenge and Hoe Horo Race 5 both will start/finish at Palm Beach. The Narrabeen Challenge will go 20km to/from Long Reef while the Hoe Horo will go 30km to/from Shelley Beach. There is also the short course option for the Hoe Horo to Mona Vale.

If you want to car pool, sign up and check out who else going on the Training Schedule webpage. If you want to use a club canoe please see Gav. For more race info follow the links from the PD calendar.

Some things to think about for those doing these races…
– Carb up and hydrate well throughout Saturday
– PWEP, as always
– Find a rhythm. Rhythm is everything in long distance ocean races. How do you settle into a rhythm? Observe. React. Anticipate. Just as we have been doing in ocean training sessions. You need to be disciplined though because the adrenaline and energy of the start will see your mind elsewhere.
– Re-find your rhythm. Conditions will invariably change throughout such long races. When they do you will need to once again O.R.A. As part of your pre-race PWEP look at the forecast and look at a map of the course and think about when that might be.


What should I be doing?
Free Speed – Carmela has dropped around to Ernesta’s place to do their science homework together. At the moment they are studying Isaac ‘El Guapo’ Newton’s laws of physics. While taking a break from study Carmela has an idea.
“Ernesta, I’ve been thinking about El Guapo’s third law…”
“You mean the one about all bodies in the universe having a physical attraction to each other,” Ernesta says suggestively.
“No, the one about for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” corrects Carmela.
“Oh that one,” sighs Ernesta.
“Well in order to get more free speed on the water I’ve been trying to get more rotation by reaching forward.”
“But if I apply El Guapo’s third law I think I can get more rotation by not only reaching forward with my outboard shoulder but by also pushing my inboard shoulder back!” exclaims Carmela.
“Hey you’re awesome Carmela. I’m going to make pushing my inboard shoulder back my free speed focus for the week.”

Base Maintenance & Not-So-Free Speed – Fabio’s doing the big Hoe Horo race this weekend so will drop his usually weekly volume of training by a third to get a little more rest. He will however stay with the Monday Speed & Endurance Session as it is important to keep working on his top-end speed in the lead up to the business end of the season.

Despina’s not racing on Sunday so she’s sticking with her weekly plan of doing one level two session to maintain her base and the Speed & Endurance Session to keep getting faster. She is however intending to surprise Fabio by being there at the finish line.

Sign-up for PD single craft training sessions
See the PD Single Craft Training Session article below for details. Info on the tag-along sessions is also included here. Sign-up for PD sessions by going to the Training Schedule page. If you have any questions please see those taking the sessions as listed. For use of club canoes please see Gav.