Benchmarks Set
Sunday’ s OC1 trials was one of our biggest yet with over 30 PDs taking the challenge and setting themselves a time to beat for the season ahead.

A special congratulations to those for whom it was their first OC1 time trial and some for which is was even their first time on an OC1. Now the first one’s out of the way there’ll be no stopping you!

Many thanks to all those that pitched in and helped the trials happen. Everything from sorting the roster, transporting canoes, taking times and video as well as giving plenty of encouragement from the sidelines.

You can checkout some pics here. Keep an eye out in the PD News for Sou’s rundown as a first time trialler.

Workshop Rego Closes Tuesday
If you love the feeling of surfing ocean runs and want more of it then the PD Ocean Skills Workshop is for you. Don’t forget registration closes this Tuesday Nov 18.

Nats Road Trip is On!
Check out On the Water > Single Craft > SC: Nats Roadtrip (13-14/12/08) for details and to register your interest in attending.


What should I be doing?
Free Speed – After Fabio’s flirtatious behaviour with Ernesta last week Despina’s been investigating the use of force.

One of the key aspects to maximising force is having a stable fulcrum or leverage point around which it is applied. If this point is not stable then some of the force will be lost. For example, if Despina were to slap Fabio across the face while at a roller disco some of the force would be lost to her roller skates also slipping at the same time.

Extending this to paddling she realises that her inboard hand is her key leverage point when taking a stroke. If she moves that hand back towards her face or drops it down then less force will be transferred to the stroke.

To gain free-speed this week Despina is going to work on keeping her inboard hand directly in front of her face throughout the entire stroke.

Not-So-Free Speed – Juan and Pablo have been loving Monday night’s Speed & Endurance sessions and are really excited that from this week Friday morning Kirribilli sessions will also be Speed & Endurance.

Sign-up for PD single craft training sessions
See the PD Single Craft Training Session article below for details. Info on the tag-along sessions is also included here. Sign-up for PD sessions by going to the Training Schedule page. If you have any questions please see those taking the sessions as listed. For use of club canoes please see Billy.