How Interesting!
For those that did a race last weekend take five minutes now to think about what you learnt from the race. Write it down.

For example, how did you feel in the different conditions you came across, were some harder than the others, which ones do you need to look for at training in order to get better at? How was your start, did you get to warm-up your technique and balance, what might you try differently next time? Who was just in front or just behind so you can pace with them next time? Where did you have lots of energy, why?

With all the hours we put into training, those five minutes are the most valuable of all. Unfortunately it’s the five minutes we tend to overlook. Racing is where it all comes to together. That’s what makes it so much fun and that’s why it’s where you can learn the most. If you don’t think about it though you won’t learn it.

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic This Weekend
Some say this is Australia’s ultimate paddling endurance event. It’s 111km from Windsor to Brooklyn along the Hawkesbury River… and it’s run overnight. Paddlers kick off between 4 and 6pm and take anywhere from 8 to 20+ hours to complete the course.

Plenty of top paddlers give the race a crack from time to time but this race is really the domain of those that simply want to challenge themselves with a very unique experience. The atmosphere and camaraderie on the river is second to none with paddlers on all sorts of craft encouraging each other through the inevitable lows that arise on such a journey.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to take on not just the Hawkesbury but any challenge you maybe contemplating then go down to Brooklyn at 6 or 7am on Sunday morning. You’ll see the faces of those that have battle through the night, asked why why why so many times and thought endlessly of pulling out turn into pure elation and personal pride as they cross the line.


What should I be doing?
Free Speed – Estaban’s goal for the season was to wwwelop his ocean skills. As such he didn’t think technique would be something he’d need to focus on given the rough and tumble nature of the ocean. Boy was he wrong! Estaban’s just learnt how important those 4-6 strokes are before getting on a runner. It’s at that moment he needs all the free-speed he can get. One way he can do that is to ensure that his leg drive is applied at the exact same time as the catch is engaged. Having one go slightly earlier than the other leaves the stroke under-powered and under-smooth. Estaban decides that catch and leg drive working as one is going to be the focus of his warm-ups for the week.

Base Maintenance & Not-So-Free Speed – With the key races for the season imminent the time for base building is over for Pablo. From now on he will maintain the duration of his Level 2 sessions at that which he did last week. He will now focus on turning his base into speed by doing plenty of Level 3 and 4 work. He was going to do this with Carmela but she has palmed him off for Ernesta. No worries, he’s going to join in with the Monday night PD Speed & Endurance training session from Rozelle Beach.

Sign-up for PD single craft training sessions
See the PD Single Craft Training Session article below for details. Info on the tag-along sessions is also included here. Sign-up for PD sessions by going to the Training Schedule page. If you have any questions please see those taking the sessions as listed. For use of club canoes please see Gav.