Single Craft
You will need your own. Skis and OC1s catered for.

Two club OC1s and an OC2 are available subject to transport being provided. If transport is found priority for use of club canoes in this workshop will be given to those that can transport them followed by those with season goals submitted to Billy ie. Accelerate, Improve and then Maintain. Click here for more info on these or speak to Billy.

Safety Equipment
Leg rope and PFD worn or attached securely to your canoe. If you forget these you cannot do the paddling sessions.
Sufficient water for the duration of each paddling session is also required.

Paddle Clothing
Expect to get as wet as wet can be in both paddling sessions.

You will need to either wear a thermal or carry one on your craft. Note rash vests and PD race tops are not thermals and will not keep you warm for an extended period of time once wet.

Saturday – Have a good breakfast at least 1hr before the session. Brunch on the beach will be provided after the session. BYO coffee (there is a cafe at Shelley Beach)

Sunday – You will be racing today so again a good breakfast is essential. For after the race please bring something to eat.