Learning how to take single craft sessions is a great way wwwelop a whole new set of skills, many of which will come in handy for life’s eventualities beyond paddling.

Below is what you need to do to lead single craft sessions involving the use of the PD OC1s and OC2. They don’t need to be done in any particular order and if you have any questions please see Todd.

For single craft sessions not involving club canoes these are recommended but not strictly required. In this case you can just email PDsingle to get a group together and coordinate the safety among yourselves. As always P.W.E.P. is highly recommended.

1. Intro to Coaching Online Course
This is a free online course run by the Australian Sports Commission. It’s pretty straight forward and presents some good ideas on leading groups which you could apply to plenty of things outside of paddling. Click here for more info on the course. To get started register here. You should be able to knock it over in 2 or 3 lunch times.

2. Hold a current First Aid and CPR Certificate
It’s pretty hard to argue with the value of investing some time in first aid and resuscitation skills. Check with your employer as many are happy to put you through such training. There are a number of providers of first aid courses with the St Johns Senior First Aid Course being a good example.

3. Take a number of sessions under the guidance of the Single Craft Coach
Here you will get the kind of skills to coordinate a group and run single craft sessions safely. P.W.E.P. is the foundation of this. See Todd for more info.