To get all paddlers that haven’t tried single craft to have a go. To increase the number of paddlers who train on single craft. To get a good number of PD’s paddlers racing, especially the ladies. To make single craft paddling fun by introducing variety for all skill levels of paddler.

I plan to organise OC1 paddlers into 3 sections.

Section 1. Beginners
The plan is to roster novice paddlers in for accreditation. This will encourage all new paddlers to at least try single craft. Friday morning training sessions from Kirribilli is already under way, which will suit the beginners.

Section 2. Intermediate
The paddlers that fall into this group are those who own their own single craft. They lack the confidence to race, or are just getting into it. The goal with this group is to promote a squad, or several squads, who train together. Competitive training sessions will build individuals confidence, encourage paddlers to push themselves harder, and create a greater depth of knowledge within the club.

Section 3. Experienced
These are the people who are comfortable paddling on the open sea. A variety of training options and venues is already under way. This group will hopefully grow as people from the intermediate group build confidence.