This season everyone doing PD single craft sessions will have their own goal.

To help you find yours our Mexican friends have come up with some great ideas that we’ve grouped into three types…


Those that want to simply keep their currently level of fitness and skills

For example,

  • Fernando is preparing for a big season in the dragon boat so only wants to maintain his single craft skills and fitness
  • Rosario loves getting out on the harbour of a morning and wants to do that whenever she can over summer
  • Santo has no interest in single craft but is hot for Despina so wants to do every session she does


Those that are keen to take their single craft paddling to their next level. The decision to improve comes with a preparedness to do more and/or different single craft sessions than you have in the past.

For example,

  • Pablo took on short course races last year and is now keen to build his endurance and ocean skills for long course
  • Despina has never been on an oc1 in her life but is ready to embrace the challenge of doing her first short course race before the season is out
  • Juan bought an OC1 2yrs ago and is starting to feel guilty at hardly using it. He’s decided this is the season he’s going to get out and do all the Hoe Horo races
  • Estaban has no interest in racing, or Despina, but wants to build on the Kirribilli sessions he enjoyed last season and get some ocean skills
  • Mercedes, Esperanza, Juanita and Imelda did the novice course together and after focusing on outrigging for a couple of seasons have decided this is the year they’re going to try OC1 paddling for something different
  • He doesn’t even know if he’ll like OC1 paddling but nevertheless Diego is keen to give the introductory course a crack.


Those that are ready to put the metaphoric single craft pedal to the metal and make some serious improvements this season. Setting a goal to accelerate your single craft performance will require a commitment to do significantly more and different sessions than you have before in addition to make changes to your existing lifestyle. As a result you will enjoy the satisfaction of quickly seeing yourself get fitter, faster and more skilled than ever before.

For example,

  • Ernesta has been racing long course for a number of seasons and has decided it’s time to get herself in the medals by seeing how good she can really get
  • Fabio has also never been on a single craft but has seen the Hamo pics and has got his mind set on doing the OC1 16km in 2009… besides, he knows Despina will find him irresistible if he does
  • Carmela not only wants to secure a place in the Aus DB Squad mixed crew but wants to win gold at the 2009 Prague World DB Champs. Speaking with those that have done it before she realises that 6 months of solid single craft training will give her the edge she needs.

Now it’s time to select your goal!

Why have a goal?

Think about a time, whether it be through work, sport, other paddling or just saving for a car or overseas trip, where you knew there was something you wanted to achieve. Now think about the immense feeling of personal pride and satisfaction that went with accomplishing it.

To put it simply if you don’t set the goal then you won’t get the satisfaction.

What’s more you’ll miss out on the fantastic new experiences that the journey to achieving a goal invariably takes you through.

So, spend the next 5 minutes brainstorming ideas on what you’d like to achieve with single craft. Don’t prejudge the viability of a goal based on your current abilities. If you’d like to do it write it down.

Then spend the following 5 minutes sifting through your ideas to create a short list of the ones you’d like to achieve this season. Single craft doesn’t mean doing it on your own. Why not talk about your single craft goal ideas with others you paddle with and come up with a shortlist together.

Email Billy your shortlist and he’ll set up a time to chat with you about how you can go about achieving your goal for 2008/09.

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