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How to Get Started in Single Craft Paddling

There's no doubt it's a big step in going from paddling teams boats to finding yourself all at once the captain, steerer, engine room and stroke of a...

Single Craft Off-Season Rolls On

Congrats to Sarah M, Eugene, Charmian, Churn, Craig, Sally, Sou, Di, Matt, Christophe, Stuart, Phil, Andrew,...

10/2 Bayview to Shelly Beach Relay...more or less..

Race report by Lisa Green for the 40km Bayview to Shelly Beach Relay held on 1 February 2009. I think I can safely say that during the 40km Bayview...

Single Craft Season Wrap Up

The Single Craft Games Scroll down for all the action from last Friday's Single Craft Games ...

The Single Craft Games

The last Kirribilli session of the year saw all the classic party games take to the water in single craft versions of the three-legged race,...