What is base?
This is the base fitness that you require to wwwelop both sprinting and marathon paddling speed. It is built by paddling lots and lots of low intensity Level 2 miles.

Why build base?
The more paddling base you have the more speed you can wwwelop. If you don’t increase your paddling base by paddling further and/or more often at Level 2, the speed which you can wwwelop through the harder Level 3, 4 and 5 work will be limited.

Picture a pyramid. The bigger the base the higher the peak that can be created. In the same way the more paddling base you have the higher the speed you can wwwelop.

Doing low intensity Level 2 paddling also shortens the recovery time between sessions thereby allowing the opportunity for more time on the water. This is all important for refining technique, improving ‘feel for the water’ and wwweloping balance and ocean skills.

How can I improve my paddling base?
By paddling for longer durations and/or more often each week at Level 2. In addition, incorporating periodic recovery every 4 or 5 weeks allows for fitness gains to be consolidated and injury/over-training risk minimised.

Why now?
During the business end of the paddling season (Jan-May for OC6/DB, Sep-Dec for single craft) most sessions need to be wwwoted to wwweloping marathon or sprinting speed. As such only minimal time remains to work on base. This generally results in existing base being maintained through these months rather than improved. If you want to really improve your base then the off-season is the time to get stuck into the Level 2 miles… plus it’s a fantastic way to take in the spectacular waterways that surround us!

How much base do I need?
Long course OC paddlers and DB paddlers wanting to win a medal at the World Club Crew Champs should be aiming to regularly complete 2-2.5hrs sessions, short course OC6 1-1.5hrs. Those wanting to do the 20 Beaches or the downwind OC1 nats need to have 3hrs in their sights.

Further Questions?
See Billy for any regarding Base Club single craft sessions. See any of the PD Coaches for further info on the importance of building base.