Base Club is the key to building paddling base over the off-season.

Sign-up now for Wednesday and Friday Base Clubs.

Rules of Base Club

1st RULE: The first rule of Base Club is, you do not talk about Base Club.

2nd RULE: The second rule of Base Club is, you DO NOT talk about Base Club.

3rd RULE: If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out, the base building session is over and we return to Kirribilli.

4th RULE: You will get the most out of Base Club by having your drink system set up such that you can paddle the entire session non-stop.

5th RULE: One paddler to an OC1.

6th RULE: The sessions will be predominately at L2 with the occasional speed effort to sharpen technique.

7th RULE: Session duration will progressively increase each week. In the 4th or 5th week it will reduce to allow for recovery.

8th RULE: No shirts, no shoes and I guarantee you’ll freeze your butt off.

9th RULE: Base Club sessions will be structured such that paddlers of varying speeds can stick together.

10th RULE: If it is your first session at Base Club you will build base.


All Base Club sessions will be run from Kirribilli. See Contact Us > Training Locations for exact details.

Friday Base Club will be the number one Base Club Session of the week. Don’t miss it.
Wednesday Base Club will be a supplementary session for those who can’t make get enough of Base Club, can’t make Fridays or who have Improvement or Accelerate goals for the 2009/10 season.

Start Time
Start times for Base Club will be as per the Training Sign-up page and are for on the water. They will vary to cater for the increasing length of sessions. They will also vary to fit in with Base Club attendee travel and work arrangements. eg. start times can be pushed back if attendees can get off the water later.
Session duration will be in the name of the session. eg. Base Club 80 is an 80min base building session. The first 4 weeks will be 60, 80, 100 and 70 minutes duration, respectively.

I only recently completed the OC1 Intro Course. Is Base Club for me?
Very much so. Low intensity Level 2 sessions are perfect for improving your balance skills and OC1 technique. They’re also a great way to check out the fantastic waterways that surround us!

What is base, why improve it and why now?
Click here for answers to these questions and more.

See Billy for any regarding Base Club sessions. See any of the PD Coaches for further info on the importance of building base.

Base Club Session Courses

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