Congrats to all that put their stake in the ground for the season ahead at the Aug 28 OC1 trial.

Even with the challenge we were able gauge off-season improvements and set benchmarks for the great season ahead.

Congrats to all that put their stake in the ground for the season ahead at the Aug 28 OC1 trial.

In particular to Lehia and Alasdair doing their first time trial with PDs!

Relative Times See Thru Tough Conditions

A gusty westerly wind sure made it a challenge for triallers and timers alike!

Although conditions made finish times slower for nearly everyone, we are able to compare relative times to other paddlers and previous trials.

eg. if Fabio was 6% slower than Diego at the end of last season but is now only 4% slower then we can say Fabio has improved relative to Diego. If Fabio shows a similar improvement to most other paddlers trialling then it’s a fair bet this has come from Fabio improving and not everyone else getting slower. ie. Fabio’s off-season training has been paying off!

Well done to Graeme B, Jo O’B, Laurette A, Matt S and Peter Mc who all improved over last season’s final time trial!

Full Results

You can check out the full results here: Trials100828-Results.xls

Lap times haven’t been entered as yet but if you’d like to know yours please see Billy.

Those doing the trial on their own craft can see their results on the ‘OwnCraft’ worksheet.

If you think something’s been mis-entered or have any questions on the results please see Billy.

Where to now?

Like the name implied, this trial was simply a stake in the ground.

The result itself was not important apart from allowing you to judge the improvement you gain from all the great training and racing coming your way in the season ahead.

Our first official OC1 time trial of the season will occur in November. Even if we get faster conditions we’ll still be able to see how well the coming months of training and racing help you improve by looking at relative times.

In the mean time with the single craft season well and truly underway there is no time to waste. If you’re yet to put your goals and training plan in place contact our Single Craft Coach, Annett asap!