Many thanks to all those that participated in the 2008/09 PD Coaching Survey!

There was was some excellent and constructive feedback, a summary of which can be found below. The enthusiasm around where the club is going is reflected in the effort many have put into the improvement ideas that will help get us there.

Please see any of the PD Coaches if you have any questions or further feedback.


How Will We Use the Survey?

To make the most of your input the coaches have set themselves a goal of January 2010 to have 2 or 3 of your improvement ideas either implemented, a plan communicated to implement them (eg. for those that don’t make sense until later in the season, need more time, etc) or the reasons communicated that they’re not right for PDs .


There was a great response to the survey with 31 keen DBers, 27 keen OCers and 14 keen single crafters plus a bunch of others doing combinations of the three socially or for cross-training. Also represented are those not doing one code at all with 7, 4 and 8 people for each of DB, OC and SC respectively. All up 40 individuals responded which is a good representation of the active club membership when compared to attendance at the 2008/09 big end of season races.

Summary of Main Areas

Overall 98% of respondents enjoyed their experience with PDs this season. 88% felt their main paddling code (ie. OC6, OC1 or DB) was given equal attention, priority and resources. In addition there was wide recognition of the dedication of the coaching team and the support provided in increasing training load. See below for specific areas of improvement and that were excelled in.





Areas of Improvement

More one on one technique feedback and video sessions

More time and attention from coaches.

More focus on B crew

Provide more individual paddle technique feedback/stroke correction (including video)

Have coaches coach instead of steer

Communicate more technique and increase ocean skills and training plan

Extending the focus on base building to include technique and skills

Clarity around single craft events – what they’re all about, who runs them, how they’re related

More weekend training session opportunities

Areas We Excelled

Base building and race preparation (mental and physical) allowed the team to peak for key races; strive for highest standards and maintain a balance between performance and enjoyment

Clear direction, well executed & transparent training sessions, which catered to all levels and were fun and interesting.

Clear technique feedback, changes and wwwelopment with video sessions a highlight. Realistic feedback as well as positive feedback

Organisation pre races i.e equipment preparation, boat rigging/derigging , loading/unloading.

Safety management is very good – good consideration of conditions and the resulting session plan

Friendly fun sessions

Single Craft Intro Course allowed people to get started in a challenging but unstressful way

Communication around what was happening with single craft and what was coming up.

Individual support and feedback