To complete the 2009 Hawkesbury Canoe Classic while at the same time:

  • Build up some excellent base for the coming season.
  • Team building exercise. Chatting, and even singing, is encouraged.
  • Develop long distance race preparation skills.

Minimum Training Requirements
The training plan is designed to fit over the Tues, Thurs, Sunday OC sessions we’re all familiar with. It has been structured to come in after Prague and fit generally with Cook Islands although you might need to consider post race recovery for the latter (talk to Billy).

How Much Training
Ideally you will be doing a minimum of 7.5 hours per week of base work.
If you find yourself missing a session every week and below 6 hours per week on a regular basis you might want to re-think your commitment – although offering to help out as land crew and fundraising can be just as rewarding and highly appreciated.

We would like to see people at all Sunday sessions and most weekday sessions so that we have at least 2 crews going out.
There is no requirement to do all the weekday sessions. If you prefer to skip one of the weekdays so you can enjoy more DB and OC1 sessions then please do so.


  • Longer Sunday morning sessions starting in August.
  • Longer Weekday sessions in the regular slots starting in September.
  • Sessions to comprise L2 base work.
  • Sessions will generally be with short stops where we don’t get out of the boat. However, there will be longer “paddler out” drink/rest/snack breaks called during the run.
  • From September paddlers are to wear PFD and bring adequate food/water as sessions will be longer. Also bring extra warm clothing appropriate to cope with any weather conditions. These measures are to ensure all paddlers are well prepared for Hawkesbury.
  • There are rest/recovery days built in to the schedule immediately after the longest session of the month.
  • We will get a weekly training schedule on the website in due course.

Training Sessions

Weekly Sunday Morning

  • First session on Sunday 2nd August 2009 09:00hrs (and will be brought back an hour earlier to 08:00hrs in subsequent weeks).
  • Periodised on a 4 week rotation. So week 1 2.5hours, Week 2 3.5hours, Week 3 4.5 Hours, Week 4(recovery) 3.0hour, then repeat this. This should fit into line with all other coaching programs for recovery week.
  • Possibility of replacing with a Saturday night session or two – TBA.
  • The peak session will be followed by a rest night replacing the Tuesday session. Either a pub night or a pasta night if someone can offer a big enough house.
  • May rig and use a V12 at Balmoral once every 3-4 weeks to head up Middle Harbour for some sessions – TBA.
  • Exception will be the Labour Day Public Holiday on Monday 5th October 2009 where a longer paddle is planned (probably from Glebe to Garigal National Park/Roseville). Please put this in your diaries. Preceding Sunday session will be a social coffee run only.

Midweek (Tues & Thurs)

  • First session Tues, 1st September 2009 18:30hrs.
  • 2 ½ hour duration. If we start late, we finish late but otherwise try to get off water by 21:00hrs.
  • Sessions will commence earlier, OTW 18:30hrs (assuming min. 2 boats) and pick up anyone who can’t make the time at an agreed location on route at around 19:00hrs – TBA
  • Night paddle or two up Lane Cove River.

Extra Sessions
On Saturday, 29th August 2009 there is a PaddleNSW Hawkesbury familiarisation paddle from Sackville to Wisemans Ferry. We will attend on single craft. Todd will send more details out as they become available. Those paddlers won’t be required to attend the Sunday session the next day so it will probably be cancelled for lack of numbers/steerers.

Those who want to add sessions are encouraged to do it on OC1s or DB as most sessions in the pre-season are base work anyway. If anyone wants another Kirribilli morning session it can be discussed but we need an accredited coach.