Read on to find out how to get faster on the water…

Ok kids, here’s today’s algebra lesson…

Strong Kids = Fast Kids

If that’s all you need to know and are ready to sign-up then click here by Dec 3. If you’d like to know more then read on…

But why?

In addition to moving our own body weight over the water we have to overcome the drag on the water created by our craft (DB, OC or SC). This requires strength.

For PD women genetics has dictated that the speed to be gained by purposefully wwweloping strength is huge. Look at all the top women paddlers and time and time again you’ll see strength as a differentiator. The beauty of it too is that your genetic make-up will see you get stronger from doing weights without the bulking up that happens to guys.

For PD guys, when compared to the competition, strength is one area you have some big gains to be made. There is no ignoring this fact. Get stronger and you will get faster.

And now for the how

Gym. Unfortunately there’s no other way. We only have minimal on water time and we have to wwwote as much of that as possible to wwweloping base, technique, power and mindset. This doesn’t leave much time for strength… or should I say enough time. We have to do it in the gym.

But there’s a catch!

Simply going to the gym is unfortunately not enough to become a PD Fast Kid.

To get faster on the water you have to focus on increasing the weight you lift every single time you go.

If you could lift 5kgs one week for 10 repetitions then next week you need try for 7.5kgs.

It doesn’t matter how small an increase it is, nor if you don’t make all the repetitions.

If the gap to the next higher weight is too big to lift safely then go back to your original weight for another week or two before attempting again.

Either way the focus has got to be on increasing the weight.

Plus a bonus…

The great thing about building strength via a structured gym program is that it can help minimise the risk of injury and help ensure you don’t miss a single great paddling experience.

In this regard if you decide to not take part in the PD Fast Kids program we highly recommend you regularly do the PD Injury Prevention Routine. You can download it by going to On The Water > Health & Safety > PD Injury Prevention Routine.

About the gym program

With the help of Gavin Godfrey we have created 2 versions to cater for beginners and advanced. It is an efficient program designed to be about 45-50min duration so you can fit it in your lunch hour.

Some of you may already be doing your own weights program and have your own personal trainer. This is fine and we encourage you to continue with it. All we ask is that you request your PT to include 2 key exercises in your weekly program which will be used to track strength improvements.

Here’s what’s required to be a PD Fast Kid… 

• 2 weights sessions per week for 6 weeks starting Dec 6
• Use either the Fast Kids gym program or your own from a personal trainer. If doing your own ask the PT to include 2 key exercises, Lat Pull-Downs/Chins and One Arm Dumbbell Rows
• Completing a weekly survey to report the maximum weight lifted on the 2 key exercises
• Aim to increase the weight lifted each week;
• Get faster on the water!!!


If you are ready to become a PD Fast Kid then click here to sign-up below by Friday Dec 3.

Any Questions?

See Linda or Billy.