Catch up on all that’s happening with OC in Feb!

Your Kind of Outrigging
Our ‘pre-season’ OC club meeting on Jan 18 took a slightly different approach where we had you tell the coaching team how you currently see PD Outrigging, how you want to see it in the future… and also how you don’t want to see it.

As a result heaps of great ideas were created and shared. The next step is for the OC Coaching Team to sift thru all the ideas with a view to distilling them down into some key themes. We’ll then get everyone together once more to review these and set the wheels in motion to taking PD Outrigging to where you want it to go!

This is all being done with a view to setting ourselves up with a longer term vision and framework around which to set goals and make decisions. As such it will take some time to wwwelop. The expectation is that the groundwork will be laid over the remainder of this season and the 2010 off season with fine tuning to occur over next season and those that follow.

Signing Up For OC Sessions
A new approach is now being trialled:

Anyone who signs-up needs to turn-up. If you are a reserve you will be notified by SMS if you do not need to turn up. This will occur at 4pm on the day for evening sessions, 4pm the night before for morning sessions and 4pm Friday for weekend sessions. Pull-outs after these times need to phone the coach and session coordinator. Session Coaches will continue to follow up no-shows.

This means no email will be sent regarding a session unless we are looking for steerers or to get sufficient numbers.

Equipment Update
Newer bigger Balmoral box on its way to save carting gear back and forth from Glebe. It should arrive in the next 4 weeks. Thanks John!

Purchase of additional OC6s still on hold while 2009/10 budget is being produced by the Committee.

Additional club paddles and steerer blades should arrive in Feb.

Coaching Team Involvement
New coaches will now be trying their hand at running Monday night sessions under the guidance of existing coaches. They will also become more involved in running other sessions through setting crews, training plans, warm-ups, etc.

States/Gold Coast (SGC) Training Squad Established
Aim at those wanting to train at a higher level for the State Marathon Titles and Gold Coast Cup. 29 paddlers have signed up ready to make themselves the best outrigger paddles they can be. Training plan, racing approach as well as the criteria for minimum training and selection can be found by logging in and going to On The Water > Outrigging > SGC Training Squad.

Swim Testing Commenced
To meet AOCRA requirements all paddlers need to have done 400m swim and 5 minute tread water tests since 1 January 2010. This can be done at special PD Balmoral Swim Test sessions in Feb or on your own. Once you have successfully completed your test please acknowledge the result here.

Those either not having done the test or not passed the test by 28/2/10 will need to bring and wear their own lifejacket to all OC sessions and races.

Steerer Training Update
First round of the Intro to Steering Course completed in Jan. Next group will occur during Monday nights in Feb. Currently on an invite basis due to the need to get some people across the line to help facilitate sessions. The next course will be open to all.

New steering skill level requirements were created by Linda, Amanda and Billy and are now available here.

Any questions please see the OC Coaching Team.