Catch up on all that’s happening with OC in Apr/May!

Final Regatta – Balmoral May 2
We’re still waiting on final details but the last race of the season is rumoured to consist of usual marathons plus potentially an OC12 race. With our main races over for the season we will take a low key approach to this event and making the most of having canoes already at Balmoral!

PD OC Season Review
The aim of this is to take a look at the season just gone as well as progressing the ideas on where you want to take PD outrigging that were collected at the Jan 18 planning meeting. Click here for more info and to rsvp.

OC Off Season
This kicks off on Monday May 3. Our initial weekly session plan is based on recent attendance and meeting Macau cross-training needs:
– Tue PM Base/Skills
– Sun AM Coffee Run

We will add further sessions depending on demand as well as availability of session coaches/steerers (eg. Thu speed sessions, Balmoral sessions). If you are interested in these please register interest by emailing Billy.

The newer members of the OC Coaching Team are keen to improve their skills and will be taking the sessions over the off-season with the assistance of the existing coaches.

Something Different for the Off-Season?
The off-season is a great opportunity to get into single craft paddling. There are some top flatwater marathon races run by PaddleNSW that cater for paddlers of all levels and fitness. These are run right through winter and make the ideal stepping stone for preparing to take on the open water races that generally kick off around September. The next two are Cooks River Apr 24 and Narrabeen Lake May 23.

Check out some pics from the Hawkesbury and Woronora races the PDs attended on mass last winter.

See the Single Craft Coach, Todd, for more info on getting into paddling single craft or if you’d like to use our club OC1s/OC2 at any of these races.

Steerer Training Update
Currently a great group of Level 1 steerers are taking steps to move to Level 2 before the off-season commences.

Many thanks for everyone’s help in wwweloping out steerers particularly with regards to allowing them to practice their huli recovery skills before colder weather arrives!

Time has not allowed specific Level 3 steerer training to be wwweloped this season but will look to get something up and running for 2010/11 season.

Equipment Update
Marine Radios – Lisa obtained a government grant on behalf of PDs that is allowing us to buy these. This should be arriving soon and with appropriate training will further enhance our safety procedures.

OC1 Trial Equipment – Nicola is coordinating improvements to the seating of the girl’s trial canoes.

Bigger Balmoral Box – The supplier has unfortunately been dragging their heels with this but hopefully it won’t be too far away.

Future Needs – The Committee’s budget is nearly there so we should be able to start planning for things like ramp improvements and future canoe needs soon!

Good Friday Dover Heights Huli
As per the email to PDoc, given the conditions in which this occurred were typical of what we expect to train and race in, it is very important for us to understand what we need to do differently wrt to equipment and/or skills to minimise the chance of a similar thing happening. Until this occurs we can’t do similar types of sessions.

To this end the process being followed is:
1. Collect a description of what happened as well as ideas on what do differently to minimise and manage such events from those involved.
2. Conduct some tests on the positive buoyancy of the Nuwi.
3. Review the above with a view to determining the cause(s) of not being able to get the Nuwi going again as well as what changes we’ll make to address them.

Any questions please see the OC Coaching Team.