On the Training Schedule page you’ll see lots of different outrigger canoeing sessions on offer. This article gives you the background to what they’re all about as well as any special requirements.

On the Training Schedule page you’ll see lots of different outrigger canoeing sessions on offer. This article gives you the background to what they’re all about as well as any special requirements.

Description – Regular Sessions

Super Base
This session is the cornerstone of endurance race preparation.

It is where you improve the back half of your race as well as increase your capacity for wwweloping race speed. Heading into the outer harbour also sees this as an opportunity to wwwelop rough water paddling and steering skills.

The session will involve 2 to 2.5hrs or paddling at a solid Level 2 base building intensity and at a challenging rate.

Ocean Relay
The aim of this session is to get some great mileage under our belt and allow us to start to build on our ocean skills while steps are being made to find an ocean site.

Those in the session will be split into two groups, P and D.

Group P will meet at Glebe, put skirts on and paddle to South Head. They’ll then do some ocean runs.

Group D will meet at Glebe, swap into as few cars as possible and drive to Camp Cove, Watsons Bay where they’ll meet Group P.

The two groups will swap with P driving the cars back to Glebe and D doing some ocean runs before paddling the canoes back to Glebe.

Even though the session is flagged for 5hrs, each group will only be required for half that and will get to paddle for approx 2hrs.

Don’t forget to byo water, some food and sun/weather protection!

OC Catch-Up DInner
These are where everyone doing outrigging at PDs gets together for a bit of review of how our training/racing has been going over the last month. We’ll also set and/or reaffirm our goals as well as the training required in the month ahead to continue towards them. From time to time we’ll also talk about different OC topics of interest… everything from insights on the culture behind outrigging to how to make an OC6 hummmm down a wave. It’s also a great opportunity for a social catch-up and get to know your fellow paddlers outside of the canoe!

Non-Stop Base
This is the session to kick off your 2010/11 season in! It will mainly be a L2 base building session aimed at paddling for the entire duration from Glebe to Glebe. There will be a focus on technique as well as occasional speed efforts to sharpen technique up with. There will also be opportunities for new steerers to wwwelop their steering skills.

Race Skills/Speed
A very valuable session where we work on our top-end speed and race skills. This is the speed that is above our normal marathon race pace and is what we use at the start of a race, surfing ocean runs, passing other crews, etc. Where possible we will be having at least 2 mens and 2 womens crews going head to head.

Coffee Run
There’s no finer way to spend a Sunday morning than on the PD Coffee Run. Check out different parts of our great harbour, grab a coffee and build some excellent L2 paddling base at the same time. What more could you want from a session!

Descriptions – Occasional Sessions

Extra Pepper
Base, base, base is what everyone talks of as being the thing to do in the off-season… and they’re right. Our ‘Extra Pepper’ sessions however ensure you don’t overlook two other elements that’ll add a little extra zing to your off-season…

Strong Paddlers = Fast Paddlers. If you have any doubts about that look at what our Fast Chicks achieved. During the season it’s hard to find the time to build strength in the OC6 so now is a great opportunity for us to trial some innovative ways to do so.

What’s also important is to continue with some speed work. As well as all the joy an elevated heart rate brings, at speed is where you’ll deliver your best technique and start to feel coordinated with any technique changes you’ve been working on. For those doing 2 or 3 paddling sessions a week, once a fortnight is an ideal off-season speed session target.

Race Crews
These are normally held in the week prior to a regatta and are used for preparing crews racing at that event. Priority for these sessions will be given to those racing.

Swim Test
All those training or racing outrigging canoeing need to complete a swim test by the end of February. The test is a 400m swim in paddling clothes and 5 minutes of treading water. You can do the test in your own time or you can use these sessions to do it with the assitance of the coaches.

Race Night
Come ready to race! We’ll be setting up a course and going head to head in a series of short races. Whether as a paddler or steerer this is the place to build your race experience and have a heap of fun doing it. It’s also great opportunity to test out your race drink system.

PD Downwind Day
A great way for PDs to build our ocean surfing skills by paddling downwind from Palm Beach to Balmoral or vice versa depending on conditions.
– We use two OC6s and do the run in two legs: Palm Beach to Fishermans (20km) and Fishermans to Balmoral (16km)
– Guys crews will do the longer leg so we all paddle for around the same duration
– Paddlers will require previous experience with conditions forecast for the day. ie. if big conditions then we will only go if the crew has experience with those kinds of conditions via regular ocean sessions/races. Sign-up for as many ‘Ocean Skills’ sessions as you can in order to gain that experience.
– Paddlers will need to contribute to towing costs for the day.
– Single crafts can accompany if independent groups of similar experience can be formed.
– If the forecast for the day is not conducive to downwind then we will do an out and back ocean session from Balmoral

What OC6 Sessions are for Me?

I’m currently focussed on the single craft season but will be getting into OC6 in the new year
You should be looking to do 1 OC6 session/week at the moment in order to be ready to take on the local OC6 regattas that overlap the single craft season.

I’m brand new to OC6 paddling
Non-Stop Base on Tue night and Sunday morning Coffee Runs are definitely the way to go. There will be a focus on technique in these sessions and the low intensity will give you the paddling base to take on the speed orientated sessions later.

I’m keen to focus on improving my OC6 skills and fitness to make the most of the upcoming race season
Tue night Non-Stop Base followed by the Sunday Coffee run are thew way to go.

I love getting out in the water and enjoying our fantastic harbour
You can’t go past the Sunday Coffee Run here with a new destination each week.

I’m keen to build my OC6 steering skills
Tue night Non-Stop Base is the place to start. Make sure you let the Session Coach know you’re keen to learn. You’ll then start out by steering the warm-downs and from there build on to taking on part of the session itself.

If you have questions please see the OC Coaches.