Here you’ll find all the info you need around the minimum training requirements as well requirements around time off and travel.

Minimum Training Requirements
This has been set with respect to your feedback obtained in the 2009/10 Race & Training Survey. These are considered a minimum and those wanting to vie for the top crews in the State Titles or the Gold Coast Cup crews are expected to require a greater level of commitment and a greater number of ocean sessions.

1. Four Water Sessions Per Week
Made up of a minimum number of OC6 sessions as follows:
– 2 x OC6 from Feb to Mar
– 3 x OC6 during Apr
At least one of these needs to be in the ocean. The balance of the water sessions can be single craft or dragon boat as desired. The DB Coaches have informed us that those intending to go to the DB Nats will need to do one DB session per week.

2. One Weights Session Per Week

3. Injury Prevention Routine
The weights program incorporates exercises that achieve a similar outcome to the Injury Prevention Routine. As such this is optional but recommended.

4. Completion of a Weekly Training Survey
This is a 2 minute survey where you submit how many sessions you have competed during the week as well as have the opportunity to raise any concerns or ideas with the coaching team.

5. Commit to Improving Strength.
Women – Join the Fast Chicks program and complete the requirements
Men – Every two weeks do a max reps chins/lat pulldowns test and submit the results
As well as helping to wwwelop speed on the water and prevent injury, strength is critical to being able to nail water changes.

Logistics Requirements
The Gold Coast Cup race date is Saturday 17 April. In order to allow sufficient time to prepare the canoes you will need to be prepared to be on a Friday morning flight to the Gold Coast, at the latest. For most people this means being able to take Friday April 16 as an annual leave day. We also recommend staying on the Saturday night due to potential late finish time, and of course post-race party.

In addition to flight and accommodation costs you’ll also need to be prepared to contribute to canoe transport and support boat costs.