For the SECOND year in a row PDs are sending club crews out to the South Pacific islands to the next big events on the international race calendar.

Your PD lads , Billy, Marty, Rothy , Todd & Justin and Kevin, from the Northern Beaches, have been churning out the miles in preparation for racing in Hawaiki Nui. That’s the 3 day outrigger canoe race in the beautiful isles of Tahiti in French Polynesia held in early November. This is, undoubtedly, one of the toughest races in the outrigger canoe/vaka/va’a racing community wiht a total of 128 km (78 miles) on open water – from island to island!! We wish our boys all the very very best on their adventure!!

While they can’t take us with them to the islands, with your support, they can bring a fashionable flavour of the islands to you and take a little bit of you to the islands.

How can we support our PD lads? Click here for details.

Also many thanks to Tahiti Tourisme for their assistance.