Hi all,

Tune into 2UE at 3:05pm (or 3:10, so if you tune in at 3:05pm, and don’t hear anything familiar, wait till 3:10pm) today! Our very own Nicola Frowen will be talking to show host Ed Phillips, about DB, OC, and PDs!

Here’s how you can tune in. And, if you are able to record (maybe using the voice recorder function on your phone?) that would be much appreciated!

1. Go to https://www.talkinglifestyle.com.au/
2. If you’re asked to activate Flash, do it. If you’re not asked, then awesome.
3. On the top right, there’s a button called Listen Live. Click on that.

And listen!

Remember, 3:05pm. 3:05pm. Today, 8 November 2016!’

Here is a copy of the recording. Thank you Simon Douglas, Yvette Tam and Jasmin Keick for recording!