As they say if you get enough lint you can make yourself a three-piece suit…

Hydrogen Filled Ski Takes Lightweight to New Heights
Sure you may need to keep your ski tethered to the ground when not on it and be constantly at risk of a Hindenburg style disaster but think of the speed!

First Annual Whatcom Surfski Rescue Games
A great way to learn and wwwelop ocean rescue skills. Some great tips here too on towing paddlers and swimming with your paddle.

Wake Riding 101
With the State and National titles just around the corner here’s a great article on the ins and outs of wake riding and OC1.

Paddlers beware: Silent Killer on the loose
Once being on the water gets in your veins you’ll find you’ll want to do it forever! Well this link can help you do just that. Although not specifically single craft related, it is a timely rundown on skin cancers and what to look out for.

K1 Video 1 and Video 2
Paddling in the ocean is never quite as neat but here are two great K1 technique videos to give ski paddlers something to aim for. OC1 paddlers can be looking to emulate the way the head stays perfectly still while the body rotates through the stroke. Would anyone like the challenge of making similar technique videos of us?

Theory and Principles of Waves
If you love getting into the nuts of bolts of what creates ocean waves and how they work then you love this site as much as I do.

V1 World Sprint Champion Video
Check out a slo-mo video of the V1 World sprint champion in action. Some interesting discussion on his technique also follows.

Essential Surf Ski Skills – The Remount
One of the best explanantions of how to remount a surf ski

Ocean Paddler TV Epsiode Three
See great footage of canoe sailing, the 2008 Molokai surfski race and Kauai OC6 racing.