The PDs had a very enjoyable race day in Penrith on Sunday. Here’s how it all looks like in figures:

  1. 43 PDs in attendance
  2. A number of paddlers who are relatively new PDs: Anders Ballebye, Steve Chezzi, Owen Gauslaa, Billy Jones, Iain Macleod, Patrick Webb, Diana Bernal, Sinead Done, Firoozeh Ostvar, Karina Piddington, Janet Wang and Louella Yu
  3. 2 even PDs mixed crews made the grand final of the Premier Mixed division, placing 4th and 5th
  4. PD Chicks came 3rd
  5. PD Men came 2nd

The day began with mixed crews racing; Craig decided to field 2 evenly-balanced crews for this regatta. The move paid dividends as everyone experienced finishing first, got into a final and got to stare down the other PDs crew! Based on the even times and placings that each crew managed to achieve, Craig did a pretty good job.

PD Black

  • 02:08.25 – 2nd place
  • 02:10.09 – 1st place
  • 02:11.25 – 4th place

PD Orange

  • 02:09.06 – 1st place
  • 02:11.26 – 2nd place
  • 02:11.92 – 5th place

Once mixed racing was all done, Open and Women racing were up next. Again PDs excelled, but the PD Chicks won the gong for the more-improved of all the PD crews entered for the day. They saved their best race till last – a convincing third-placed finish, a hair’s breadth behind the more experienced Different Strokes women crew.