• Paddle!
  • Have more people up & steering (including in races)
  • Get to know even more people from other clubs & encourage more inter-club socialising
  • Build on the awesome paddling base we have wwweloped & results that we have achieved over the past 3 years
  • Keep encouraging the current momentum, commitment to & passion for our club & paddling in general
  • Continue to enjoy the awesome atmosphere within an amazing group of people
  • Be a part of their quest to become fit & fabulous and wwwelop into top notch paddlers as individuals & as a group
  • Continue to be innovative and forward thinking in our coaching, by thinking outside the square, talking with & learning from others. Gavin will be taking a back seat until the competition phase when he will be working with Julia & Christian on the peak training plan design. This is in order to share this experience/knowledge with the other coaches & make sure that it lives on in the future generation of our clubs coaches.
  • Spread the joys of coaching & organising paddling stuff to others like Christian, Helen H, Charlotte & Nic who will be a key part of making the coming season a success
  • Take the team to Penang – they deserve it!

In a nutshell, same same but better, faster & even more fun!

In Christian’s first season as official novice coach he is aiming for mainly:

  • to give every novice the kind of caring and enthusiastic start into our sport that I received when joining PDs
  • to continue the great job Juls and Gavin have done in previous years
    gain more experience and knowledge in all aspects of training, that will include to learn at least a handful+ complicated and long worded technical terms and phrases… 🙂
  • assure that our new paddlers feel welcome and looked after on their journey to where ever they want to go
  • to interact as an “ice breaker” to bring the Newbies together with the more experienced and seasoned paddlers
  • keep winter training and long sessions as interesting as possible to have each of them ready for the next step
  • just to be there when support, encouragement, directions and advice is needed