Hi DBers,
CNY is just around the corner – our first big regatta of the season – at Darling Harbour on Saturday Feb 11. 
We will be doing 50 second erg trials (weight-adjusted) to help with team selections for this race. i.e. finals crew for men’s and women’s as well as mixed A and B crews.
Regardless of selections, there is room for everyone to race on the day (no matter how new you are to paddling), so please sign-up when Caitlin sends out the e-mail next week and come down and do your erg.
The ergs will be held on the following days at Bank Street:
Monday Jan 23: 5.25pm – 6.50pm
Wednesday  Jan 25: 5.25pm – 6.50pm
Monday Jan 30: 5.25pm – 6.50pm
Wednesday Feb 1: 5.25pm – 6.50pm
Matt Spies (0418 165 356) will look after the trials on the 25th, 30th and 1st.
You will need to arrive no later than 6.35pm on the day you do your trial as we need everyone on the water for training at 7pm. It is as easy as turning up, stretching, warming-up on the erg, choosing a side and then giving it your best 50 seconds.  
If you are new to the erg you can come to one of the early sessions if you want to familiarise yourself with the process before doing the trial.